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At Every Little Detail, we take auto detailing seriously and to a new level of expertise. With our interior and exterior detailing services, we offer only the most precise craftsmanship to bring your vehicle to show-quality standards of appearance and status. When it comes to car detailing Fort Myers, no one does it better than our team at Every Little Detail and Sales.


Protect the resale value of your car
Increase the trade-in value or sale price of your car
Prepare for lease returns for minimal deductions
Preserve the condition of the factory paint
Protect exterior paint from fading, scratches and contaminants
Remove defects such as scratches, swirl marks and marring
Improved health from disinfecting a vehicles interior and removing allergens
Make your vehicle easier to wash and maintain

Premium Quality Car Detailing Fort Myers

We take our auto detailing process seriously.


  • Hand wash and degrease wheels, tires, wheel wells and what can be reached of the undercarriage
  • Steam Clean engine with degreaser, acid any aluminum then apply a silicone base dressing for shine
  • Then perform a decontamination which will remove tar, bugs, pitch, fallout, overspray and other contaminants from the surface of the paint.
  • Depending on the exterior condition we can perform a paint correction that will remove scuffs, scratches and defects
  • Then we have several option of protection for the exterior ranging from a Polymer Sealant to a Ceramic Coating
  • Dress tires and exterior rubbers
  • Clean door jams with degreaser
  • Clean soft tops and convertible tops with a mild, non abrasive cleaner
  • Windows will be cleaned to remove bugs, overspray and other contaminants
    All exterior trim will be polished


  • All wheels will be degreased and then Iron and Fallout remover installed to remove imbedded contaminants
  • Chrome wheels will be cleaned with a wheel acid to remove brake, dirt and debris
  • Chrome wheels can be scrubbed with a 000 grade steel wool to further remove imbedded contaminants
  • Aluminum wheels will be polished with an array of compounds or polishes
  • Aluminum wheels will be given a top coat of sealant to protect its finish
  • If there are curb marks, imperfections or if the finish of the wheel is failing we have a professional wheel repair specialist that can transform the wheels to new.


  • All interior panels are scrubbed with a mild degreaser including door panels, kick panels, dash, center console & pillars.
  • Carpets and floor mats are steamed with and industrial grade extractor which heats the water to over 200 degrees.
  • Seats will be cleaned and conditioned for leather. Cloth will be steamed with the extractor as well.
  • Any interior stains will be addressed with and array of safe chemicals including lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, spotter, and degreaser.
  • All nooks and crannies will be cleaned with an air compressor or an array of brushes.

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Welcome to Every Little Detail. We are a professional automotive & marine detailing and paint protection company located in Fort Myers, FL. We specialize in shinny finishes and protective coatings. Visit our shop and get your car, truck or boat looking brand new again.

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