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At Every Little Detail our shop offers paint protection and the Ceramic Pro Naples needs for high end paint protection. Ceramic Pro is a nano-ceramic coating that provides permanent paint protection and is backed by a lifetime warranty. With hydrophobic protection that repels water and liquids, this coat also defends against marring, scratching, swirling, minor scratches, dirt, brake dust, insect acids, pollen and more. 

The Ceramic Pro Gold Package is the top of the line ceramic coating package offered. We provide the high end Ceramic Pro Naples needs to stay protected from the open road and premature aging. This top of the line package includes several layers of Ceramic coating. We begin the ceramic coating process with four layers of Ceramic Pro Light and one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H on the face of the wheels. We then add one layer of Ceramic Pro Light and one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H to all exposed trim of the vehicle. Two layers of Ceramic Pro Rain are applied to all glass surfaces for added hydrophobic protection. This high-end package prevents premature aging and oxidation in turn adding both short term and long-term value to any vehicle. For a free quote for the best Ceramic Pro Naples has to offer, please click here

To ensure that your vehicle is in pristine condition before we apply any ceramic coat, we strongly recommend paint corrective services to most vehicles to remove any pre-existing imperfections. Paint correction is the process of removing imperfection from the paint’s coat with a series of abrasions and fine polishes. Dependent on the severity of a paint’s coat, several stages of paint correction may be required to remove all imperfections.

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